Taking Refuge

  What is Orthodox Atenism?

  In modern times, those who define themselves as Atenists may do so for a variety of reasons. To some it may be an homage to the beliefs of ancient Egypt, to others it may be the ideal of a pure form of Monotheism devoid of the many issues that plague other forms of Monotheism or any number of reasons for ascribing oneself an "Atenist" or a follower of "Atenism".  

Orthodox Atenism is not one of these groups. Orthodox Atenism is the Belief in Aten, the One God of the Universe. Our faith is governed by two Primary Sources:  

The first is the belief in the real and transcendental nature of Akhenaten who founded Atenism in the Middle Kingdom of Egypt over 4000 years ago and who is alive and resides in the Horizon of Light. It is He who guides Orthodox Atenism from the Celestial realms.  

This is done through his chosen servants: His Vizier, His Seers and His Renunciates.  

Orthodox Atenists believe in the reality of, and the obedience to Akhenaten who leads all those who seek the One God in Truth, to the presence of Aten, the Compassionate God.  

Secondly, in regard to ancient written texts, Orthodox Atenism relies solely on the ancient Hymn texts as well as the various related Stellas of Amarna and other areas concerned with the worship and praise of Aten. Along with the Current Direction of Akhenaten Himself on behalf of Aten,  it is these texts that show Atenists how to worship Aten in His way, instead of how an individual might wish to "think" or theorize how he or she should worship God.  

The Revelatory Light of Aten, pours through the Celestial Realms, is revealed to us by Akhenaten and then reflected in the Hymns and Stella texts and other writings of the Holy Aten Religion.  

We refer to ourselves as "Orthodox" because we rely on the Navigation of Akhenaten as He brings us to the presence of Aten. We are also deemed "Orthodox" because we adhere to the ancient texts as being one of the Central sources of faith, knowledge and practice, instead of man's theories.

Declaration of the Atenist Faith

Any person of sound mind and of solemn and sincere intention who wishes to enter the Great Temple of Akhetaten and to have a place in the Paradise Worlds provided by Aten, may formally swear this oath.

The oath may be take in one of two ways:

1. Before at least two Orthodox Atenist witnesses (preferred means, whenever possible).

2. By means of online submission (equally accepted and will be witnessed by a member of the Holy Council of the Temple of Aten and a prayer to Aten said on your behalf.)

The Atenist community fully accepts any person who takes this Oath as a member of the Great Family of Orthodox Atenists.

My Vow

I vow to seek the Horizon of the One God Aten by taking refuge through Lord Akhnaten and receive solace at the Sacred Mountain.

I affirm that God is One and Akhnaten is the teacher of mankind in which He has appointed as lord of the earth.

Heavenly Aten, grant that I may come into the everlasting heaven and the mountain where your favoured ones dwell. Let me join myself to those who are holy and perfect in the divine Other World, and let me appear with them to behold your beauties in the evening.

Aten, I lift my hands to You in adoration when You, the living One, set in the Horizon. You are the Eternal Creator and are adored at Your setting in heaven. I have given my heart to you without wavering, O you who are the mightiest of all.

His son Akhnaten says, "I am the representative of the throne of Aten for the earth and overseer of works in his sanctuary which, as his beloved son, the Lord of the Two Lands, the giver of life, which Aten made for you. My Lord appointed me to be the officer in charge of the great city of God and all its monuments and treasures. I keep watch diligently, I serve the office of director strenuously, performing the laws of the heart of Aten. I know how to teach you so as to have rest upon the Truth, making you great to do it upon the earth. I am truth who abominates false words and deeds. I never take pleasure in any conversation wherein are words of exaggeration and lies. I take pleasure in your affairs."

Aten, before all those present, before the witnesses of the Horizon of Light and the Paradise Worlds and the Great Temple of Akhetaten, I do formally swear that there is only One God of the Universe and it is You, Aten!

And I do formally swear there is only One Ruler and protector of my ka in all the universe and that is Akhnaten.

Praise be to you, O Aten of the day, Creator of mortals and Creator of their life. Praise be to You!

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