What is Atenism?

Envision yourself sitting outside alone in the darkness. The world is asleep, there is no sound in the early pre-dawn hours. The darkness covers you. The darkness of night and the darkness of your heart and mind.  

All that is unfolding in your life seems to be going nowhere. So much strife. So much confusion. So much frustration. More than that: at a deep level, at levels you do not wish to look at for fear of what is inside you, in this level you wonder if there is a purpose for your being at all.   

It is dark and there are no answers.   

Then something happens.   

On the Horizon, a brilliant light appears. The darkness gives way to the early morning light. The sounds you hear are the birds as they sing in the new day. The dew is on the ground. The flowers open to the sun.   

As you look, the light shines, not just in the world outside you, but the world inside you. The sun rises and with it so does our hope for a new day - that what we thought was an endless series of misfortune is replaced with new life, and new opportunities!   

Someone might say, all that has happened is the sun crested over the horizon as it has always done. Nothing special in that.   

But something special is happening all the time, we are so lost in confusion we just cannot see it.   

The Light of the Sun reminds us in that moment, that there is something greater than ourselves, something powerful, benevolent and keeps us alive in every moment whether we perceive this or not.   

There is a miracle present. It is not simply light or the sun or its rays, or its effects on the world, it is the power behind all of those things. It is the power and Being beyond that wondrous Light, it is Aten! The Compassionate God!   

Who is Aten?   

Aten is the One God of the Universe. Aten creates and sustains all life in every moment out of pure love and compassion. Aten is the Source of all life. Aten is where life flows from, Aten is where all life returns.   

From the beat of our hearts, to the pulse within our veins, to the synapses that fire in our brains, to the breath within our lungs, all are a gentle and constant reminders that Aten is here and that He loves us so very much.   

For a Being so powerful, all wise and all-seeing, to realize that He cares so very, very deeply about you and every single thing you think, say and do and that He cares deeply what happens to you when you leave the mortal coil, is a humbling thing. It means that we owe Aten more than we can ever repay and at the same time, it means we have a great deal of inherent value that Aten sees in us that we ourselves refuse to see.   

What is Atenism?  

Over 4000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, in a place called Amarna in the location of Heliopolis, there lived a celestial servant of God named Akhnaten (Akhen-Aten) the Son of Aten, whose name means "The Accomplishing Spirit of Aten".   

This celestial being, in the form of a king, came with a legion of celestial servants from the Celestial Realm called the Horizon of Light and entered into Egypt to establish the belief in the One True God of the Universe: Aten! He established the Divine Religion of Atenism.   

Akhnaten, during His reign, brought pure monotheism to a pagan world. After many ages, Akhnaten and his celestial servants returned to the Horizon of Light, having imparted the wondrous gift of belief in the One True God of the Universe upon the people of the Egyptian world.   

Sadly, over the centuries, the people of this region forgot the true teachings of Aten and resorted back to paganism once again with earthly followers dying out long ago.   

For the past 4000 years, the pure monotheistic religion has only existed in the Horizon of Light, governed by its True King: Akhnaten!   

What has changed?   

Recently, at the direction of Aten, Akhnaten, returned to the earthly realm once more. For the purpose of bringing the belief in the One True God of the Universe back into the world devoid of the many fallacies of paganism or the errors made by other monotheistic religions.   

Aten called upon Akhnaten, His Son, to restore the ancient and Orthodox Faith of Atenism into the world.   

Atenism teaches a pure and simple message:   


It says it all.   

There is One God whom we love and who loves us.   

We share this love with all life, in peace, in innocence, in love and in truth.   

Orthodox Atenists believe in the real and transcendental nature of Akhnaten who founded Atenism in the Middle Kingdom of Egypt over 4000 years ago and who is alive and resides in the Horizon of Light. It is He who guides Orthodox Atenism from the Celestial Realms today.    

This is done through His chosen servants: His Vizier, His Seers and His Renunciates.    

Orthodox Atenists believe in the reality of and the obedience to Akhnaten who leads all those who seek the One God in Truth, to the presence of Aten, the Compassionate God.     

It is a new day. What has past is past. It is time to awaken to this moment, newly born innocent and hopeful. The future you want starts now in the Light of Aten. If you are tired of carrying the burden of a life without meaning, of false personas, and pointless relationships and the mind-numbing and trivial distractions of a confused world -- then it is time to come Home. Akhnaten extends His hand to you.   

In Aten, the Light will shine through you, and you may bring the hope of a new day to many who linger in that same darkness.  

Photo Credits: Sunrise and Nile photographs from Stock.Xchng; Akhnaten throne sketch from Temple of Aten print archives