Wisdom Applied: Lessons for Life

"These statements should lead to stability in a person who recites them and puts them to heart"- Akhnaten


For a follower of Akhnaten, a question that may arise for any one of us when we look at the state of the world and the state of our personal lives is: "Can Atenism make me or my world better, and if so, how?"

If we start this inquiry on a negative, we may never get around to the positive, so let's turn this question and supposition on its ear and start anew!

All of humanity is offered so much every day! So much so, that it can be easy to overlook what Aten has provided for us right before our eyes.

We take for granted the gifts that Aten offers: life, sentience, light, air, water, food, shelter, a mind to think, a heart to feel, eyes to see the wonders of creation, ears to hear the music of nature, a mouth to speak truth to the world and to praise Aten for all He gives us in each and every moment, companionship and the questing spirit or Ka within us that drives us to seek the Presence of Aten and receive immortality if we so choose.

While humanity overlooks these great gifts, what many people will not overlook are the seeming adversities that come their way.

The capacity to turn a negative into a positive is central for an Atenist. Life is great when everything is going our way but when life is difficult we can be resentful and even question the will of Aten which is never wise.

This is not saying that we don't have real problems in this world but there are many instances when what we lament, what we petition Aten for, are things that we can attend to ourselves with the tools that Aten has already provided for us. We soon see, if we look carefully enough, that everything we need is within reach, we just need to reach out and use it wisely.

Wisdom Applied makes us aware of what Aten provides for us to make our lives complete. But only if we live the life outlined by Akhnaten and live the principles of Wisdom Applied in our day to day lives.

Understandably, not all adversity can be resolved this way. There are many instances where the problems we face are so dire, that petitioning Aten or Akhnaten is not only permissible, it is required.

Prayers and praise to Aten and Akhnaten should be constant and daily. But wisdom dictates that we look to what Aten has already provided for us in our lives, whether it be in our minds, our hearts or in our very life condition and environment.

The answers Aten gives are there for us, if we look with open eyes, an open heart and mind and always with wisdom.

We must constantly try to awaken to the reality that the way to handle the many ills of the world, and those within oneself, is through the practical application of wisdom in our daily lives.


Instructions to Navigators on Wisdom Applied

"It would be very good for the Navigators to expand on these statements among the Atenists. Focusing on a statement for nine or ten days and then on a day for studying/gathering, the Navigator could give a talk on the principles covered in the statement itself. And the next week, move to the next statement and so forth." - Akhnaten

Wisdom Applied

The idea here is that you don't fight fire with fire, but fire with water.

  • You battle hatred with love, not more hate.

  • You battle violence with wisdom and peace, not more violence.

  • You battle prejudice with universal acceptance, not more prejudice.

  • You battle ignorance with knowledge, not more ignorance.

  • You battle, evil with good, not more evil.

  • You battle thoughtlessness with thoughtfulness, not more thoughtlessness.

  • You battle poverty with labor and charity, not by accepting poverty.

  • You battle selfishness with selflessness, not more selfishness.

  • You remove the sense of competition in your life, in favor of collaboration with others, not creating more competition.

  • You turn a negative into a positive, not accepting the negative.

  • You battle cruelty with compassion, not more cruelty.

  • You battle frustration with acceptance, not more frustration.

  • You battle anger, with calm and serenity, not more anger.

  • You battle jealousy with non-possessiveness, not more jealousy.

  • You battle materialism with non-materialism, not more materialism.

  • You battle lust with chastity, not more lust.

  • You battle distrust, with trust not more distrust.

  • You battle cynicism with innocence, not more cynicism.

  • You battle judgement with non-judgementalism, not more judgement.

  • You battle hostile actions with non-hostile reactions, never returning evil for evil.

  • You battle fear with calm, not more fear.

  • You battle cowardice with bravery, not more cowardice.

  • You battle lies with truth, not more lies.

  • You battle resentment with forgiveness, not more resentment.

  • You battle meaningless structure with the liberation of "No Structure", not more structure.

  • You battle destructive chaos with creative order, not more chaos.

  • You battle stress with peace, not more stress.

  • You battle rudeness with civility, not more rudeness.

  • You battle harshness with gentleness, not more harshness.

  • You battle loudness with quiet, not more loudness.

  • You battle argumentation with peace making, not more argumentation.

  • You battle suffering by choosing not to indulge, not by embracing suffering.

  • You battle intoxication with sobriety, not more intoxication.

  • You battle dependence with independence, not more dependence.

  • You battle enslavement with freedom, not more enslavement.

  • You battle inaction with action, not more inaction.

  • You battle sorrow with joy, not more sorrow.

  • You battle disbelief with belief, not more disbelief.

  • You battle confrontation with non-confrontation, not more confrontation.

  • You battle rejection with acceptance, not more rejection.

  • You battle boredom with interest, not more boredom.

  • You battle intolerance with tolerance, not more intolerance.

  • You battle need with contentment, not more need.

  • You battle dissatisfaction with satisfaction, not more dissatisfaction.

  • You battle loneliness with the ever sustaining company of Aten.
In all decisions, take your "self" out of the equation in favor of others. If any idea you have is sound and has no personal agenda, then decide accordingly; however, if there is a personal agenda, do not choose this path.

When someone criticizes you, take the emotion out of the equation. Do they know you? If not, then they cannot know enough about you to judge you. Their were words are empty.

If they know you, do their words have merit? If so, learn from this as advice and improve your conduct.

If they know you, but their words are objectively not true, then do not accept them. These words are empty. In all situations, do not react with negativity as this does not improve the situation.